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Shannon Tidwell

Certified Consultant

Ever since my MIL gave me a Scentsy warmer for Christmas in 2009 I’ve loved it.  I hadn’t heard of Scentsy before that.  Fast forward to the fall of 2010.  A Conultant was selling at our neighborhood fall festival.  I couldn't walk away from her table.  I smelled, and smelled, and bought.Scentsy works for our family.  We have two dogs with big tails.  We have three kids with grabby hands.  We are always rushing in, rushing out.  Our house can smell good all the time without the worries of leaving a candle burning.  With all the strange smells that come with 2 dogs and 3 kids...our house always smells good now.   My plans for the money I make from selling Scentsy....Christmas.  I love that Scentsy pays directly onto a Visa Pay Card.  I keep the card tucked away and untouched.  It's going to be my Christmas shopping money!  What do you want extra money for?  ...New shoes, a vacation, maybe getting your hair highlighted a bit more often:), pay off a credit card, or maybe just a little extra out to eat money....  Whatever it is, Scentsy can help you! I love Scentsy so it's easy to sell.  No gimmicks, just good smells!

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